Welcome to Eternity Matters!

This site helps to continue the work of Arthur Stace who did his very best (anonymously) with a piece of chalk on pavement, to get the word “Eternity” out into the public arena. It will be hard to top the 4 billion television viewers of the Sydney Harbour Bridge Y2K display, that resulted from his work; but we’re doing what we can with a keyboard, newspapers and internet.

Our reason to exist is to publish positive and uplifting faith stories as a community service. We believe the best way to communicate the realities and truths of the Christian faith is by letting believers tell their own experiences - and how it's working for them.


 ..................... lets face it!

Because we all will – we don’t know when – and there’s no return ticket!


       So why shouldn't we face up to what could be the most

                       important question of our existence?


What if it really does matter?


Eternity Matters
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