You can know for sure your Creator is wrapped in you – and wants you with him for ever



no one is good enough to merit heaven – no matter how religious or nice they’ve been



The historical record is that Jesus Christ came to save sinners (that’s us) by being himself sinless, dying and taking the punishment for our sins; returning into heaven and then giving us his Holy Spirit to be our companion for life.



it’s handy to know that no one is bad enough to miss out on heaven – the thief on the cross next to Jesus demonstrated that.


Forget all this nonsense about atheists, confusion of religions and endless theories. Even the devils believe – and they tremble! Eternity is written on every heart – we all know there’s something more.


The something more is God – the real one. Not the phony ones. The living God. The God who is love. He who does not love does not know God. So, if we want to know what love is – it’s God!


He lives and loves and interacts with us. And has given us a reliable, historical account in a book; chock-a-block with divine, supernatural revelation from the beginning to the end.


The question is, do you want to know  this down-to-earth God?

(It’s the same as asking if you want to be saved – from eternal hell to eternal bliss – duh!)


Eternal life is to know  the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom he has sent.

There is no other name under heaven by which we must be saved, but Christ Jesus.


He proved who he was by his miracles, forgiving sin and getting willingly crucified for claiming to be God (and of course defeating death).

The evidence is very strong.


No other person associated with any of the world’s religions can ever be his match.


If he wasn’t God he had to be a screwball or a liar – for which the evidence is the reverse.


So what do you get for being saved?


  • forgiveness of every sin you’ve ever committed (you walk free from the court room Judgment  – Jesus paid your bill in full – what you owe for your sin).
  • you avoid the second death (the wages of sin – permanent existence in hell – can’t die there; never-ending nightmare – not nice).
  • eternal life in heaven (absolutely extraordinary place).
  • inner peace and joy that has no earthly reference or comparison.
  • assurance and confidence for the journey and your heavenly destination (in fact union with God means you are seated with Christ in heavenly places – already, now!).
  • profound sense of fulfillment.
  • freedom from anxiety and worry (if you apply the Scriptures)
  • plenty of practical, down to earth, real, Supernatural evidence of God’s love and involvement in your life. All good (no matter what’s going on)!
  • your true identity, purpose and destiny for this life.
  • opportunity to suffer for your convictions and faith (i.e., to deny yourself, pick up your cross daily and follow Jesus – even to die for him if necessary – terrific fun!).

The base line is that it is love which compels us – which draws us ever onward – a confidence – a reality that defies adequate description.


This is how it happened for Arthur Stace and so many others.

We only have to bow our stiff necks, believe and walk humbly before God.


The results can be dramatic – and exciting.

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